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H.323 Videoconferencing: Service Coordinator Training


Sunday, 18 May 2003, 09:00 - 17:30
Venue: Hotel Opera - Maksimir

This full-day workshop will cover providing H.323 videoconferencing services as part of a global higher education community. It will cover national videoconferencing services operating today; the standards and technologies involved in establishing multi-site videoconferences, including numbering plans; best practices in videoconferencing, including video, audio, and room set-up; and video streaming and data collaboration services that complement videoconferencing.

The workshop will include hands-on time spent setting up videoconferences using equipment from different vendors.

The target audience consists of people with hands-on experience with H.323 videoconferencing who have or plan to have a support role at their institution in facilitating national and international videoconferencing. The two speakers have worked with videoconferencing and international collaborations for many years.

Egon Verharen of SURFnet is responsible for videoconferencing projects at the Dutch NRN, former chair of the TERENA working group TF-STREAM on conferencing and streaming, member of the Commons management team, and founding member of the Numerical Address Space management working group overseeing the Global Dialling Scheme development.

Ted Hanss is the director of applications development for Internet2, where one of the areas he oversees is the Internet2 Commons videoconferencing and collaboration service.


Ted Hanss Welcome and Introductions, Introduction to National Videoconferencing Services, such as the Internet2 Commons, H.323 Standards Overview, Internet2 Commons Registration Procedure
Egon Verharen The Network Overview, Endpoint Overview, Multipointing Gateways, Data Collaboration, Numbering Plans, Configuring Gatekeepers
Ted Hanss Campus & Classroom Site Support, Room Set-up, Environmental Considerations and Videconferencing Etiquette
Egon Verharen Streaming Video Conference
Ted Hanss Scheduling Use of an MCU
Both Hands-on with Equipment
Ted Hanss Wrap-up


Please send an e-mail to tnc2003@terena.nl stating your job function, background and experience in videoconferencing. Please note that this is a training session for people already familiar with the technology, and not a beginners' course.

A maximum of 30 participants will be chosen for the training session. The selected participants will register for the training session at the conference Registration and Information desk in Hotel Opera on Sunday morning before the training session and will be required to pay a registration fee of 50 at that time.


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