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An invitation from Cisco:

You understand better than most the speed of change across the Internet.

What began last year as an RFC is now likely to be a mainstream technology. The pace is staggering. That's why we would like to hear your views. We are hosting the Cisco's Next Generation Internet Symposium, a special one and half-day event, with leaders from National Research Networks, Universities and Research institutes to exchange views on the future of Internet Technologies, Architecture and how it applies to Research and Higher Education.

Discover the Future of Networking in Education & Research. As part of the ' Next Generation Internet Symposium' , and Cisco's commitment to Education & Research, we'd like to share our vision of the future of Networking.

Topics (subject to change)

  • Next Generation Campus
  • Storage Architecture
  • Security (layer 2 Ethernet)
  • Multicast, Bandwidth on Demand
  • Wireless Networks Technologies

Presentations will include a look into future developments conducted by some of Cisco's senior researchers. During the presentations, our speakers will be pleased to share with you our long-term strategy and address how these technological advances can bring a unique advantage to your organisation.

Please be our guest. The ' The Next Internet Generation Symposium' will be free of charge; the only cost to you will be your transportation ticket and your hotel accommodation. In return, you will receive an unprecedented insight into the development of our latest technologies.

Online Registration for the Future Generation Internet Symposium is now open.

If you are attending the conference (TNC & CUC 2003), you may extend your conference hotel reservation for the nights required to attend the symposium, but you must register separately for the symposium using this online registration form.


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