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Wednesday, 21 May 2003, 09:00 - 15:30
Venue: Hotel Opera, Room D

The 6NET Project is organising a workshop co-located with the joint TERENA Networking Conference and the CARNet Users' Conference. This will be an open event that anyone may attend.

Participants of the joint conference may attend the workshop as part of their conference registration and need not register separately.

6NET is a large project in the Information Society Technologies programme of the European Union that is deploying a native IPv6 network at Gigabit speeds. It is also developing advanced services and applications that will run on this infrastructure.

The workshop will discuss various aspects of IPv6 deployment and how to make the transition from legacy networks. It will focus on the current state of the technology, with particular reference to multicasting, security and mobility. In addition, it will consider the leading role that 6NET and related projects such as Euro6IX are playing in the development of the next generation of networks.

6NET will publish the programme for the workshop nearer to the date of the event. Please see www.6net.org/events/workshop-2003/ for further details.

For people not registered for TNC & CUC 2003, there will be a registration fee of 30 for the workshop.

To register for the workshop(non-participants of TNC & CUC 2003 only):
6NET Workshop Registration Form

For more information on the 6NET Project: www.6net.org


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